Occupational Therapy Salary: What affects it?

The occupational therapy salary is one of the main reasons why students are attracted to making this their career. According to ratings, occupational therapy is one of the highest paying jobs available today. The salary of this job is really good and there is a high demand for occupational therapist. However, becoming occupational therapist is a hard job. The occupational therapist needs to be fit because the occupational therapy job description demands things that not everyone can easily do. While not really stressful, occupational therapy demand that the therapist be a good thinker and be very healthy.

There are many components that will affect the occupational therapy salary. First is the school where the therapist graduated. Higher offers will be given for occupational therapist who has graduated from known Occupational Therapy schools.  Occupational therapists that have graduate from Boston University, University of Southern California, and Washington University of St. Louis will be preferably hospitals and institutions. These are the three schools that give the best occupational therapy training.

Another aspect that would affect the occupational therapy salary is the degree of the occupational therapist and their experience. An occupational therapist with a high degree and years of experience can get up to $92,000 annual salary or more depending on the title while those who are only starting their careers might only get a annual salary around $60,000.

The place where the occupational therapist works and their specialization will also have an impact on their occupational therapy salary. An occupational therapist can practice in hospitals, clinics, or in any private organization of company. They can also specialize in either Physical Health or Mental Health. Depending on where the occupational therapist works and what they practice, there will be some significant differences in their salaries.

There are also some States which give better rates for occupational therapist. States like Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are the best places to work as an occupational therapist.

Currently the highest reported occupational therapy salary is for those occupational therapists that specialize in Special Language Pathology (SLP). In the reports, these kinds of occupational therapist can have an annual occupational therapy salary as high as $135,000. The lowest reported annual occupational therapy salary is $57,000 for a certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.

The occupational therapy salary is really affected by numerous things. Anyone who wants to be an occupational therapist should plan early in which direction in occupational therapy they will pursue, because it will greatly affect their salary in the future. It is important to learn all what an occupational therapist can do and then specialize in a specific field which will be most interesting. The most important thing in any job is not really the salary, it is what a person enjoys doing. If a person becomes an occupational therapist because of the high occupational therapy salary, they might regret it in the future. Because the last thing that can affect the occupational therapy salary is how much the occupational therapist loves what they are doing.