Occupational Therapy Salary – Is The Compensation Worth It?

Medical careers are so varied right now, no one knows which one to go for. One major reason why medical careers are so sought after is the pay. Another is the potential for long term earning. It’s unlikely that a hospital would close down soon, especially if there are qualified individuals working in it. A good career opportunity anyone would want is that of an occupational therapist. A great salary is waiting for the successful applicant. A person can look forward to only the cash salary but also the benefits package that comes with the job.

Is the pay good enough to let your family live a comfortable life? Believe it or not, the salary of an occupational therapist is big enough to feed a three-person family. With enough frugality, it can even feed and house a family of seven. The salary is in the range 35,000 to 50,000 dollars every year.

Occupational therapy is an essential part of the healing process, especially for those who have been under great stress in the past. People with emotional or mental disorders due to trauma or an inborn condition can live a normal life with the help of an occupational therapist. Basically, the occupational therapy sessions gives back the life skills needed for daily routine. To people who are not under the same amount of pressure to keep on living, daily routine may be mundane. But to a person who is learning how to walk again, going to and from the refrigerator to get sustenance is a big feat.

Occupational therapy is geared toward adults, but kids can benefit greatly from this same type of therapy. Kids who are delayed in development can keep up with normal kids with the help of therapy.

All these indicate the potential for an occupational therapist to earn even away from the hospital setting. In fact, there are so many freelance occupational therapists that are earning more than their employed counterparts.