Occupational Therapy Jobs – A Discussion

Here are some of the functions of occupational therapists in different settings.

In an educational institution, occupational therapists are hired to evaluate the students for admission. Many schools refer to the data gathered by the evaluation team to pick the students that fall under an educational level. Some students that are disabled are required to go through a battery of tests created and implemented by the occupational therapists.

With the occupational therapist’s advice, the students can be handled well depending on their level of development. This job is crucial, particularly in the levels of nursery, kindergarten and preparatory. Small kids that show sufficient aptitude for higher grade levels may be advised to skip one or two of the programs and proceed directly to the level appropriate for them. On the other hand, there are students that don’t show enough aptitude for a certain grade level, and shall then be advised to go under rehabilitation before they can proceed.

The school OT practitioner is also hired to deal with disabled students, whether as a teacher, a coach or a developmental adviser. The job may be given to the OT depending on the disability of the student. For instance, if a physically disabled student is emotionally disturbed, an OT can be charged with the task of helping the student cope with daily school activities until he has gotten used to doing the tasks himself.

In a hospital setting, many occupational therapists work in the pediatric ward to help with the recovery of disabled kids. There are many therapists that also take up jobs in the orthopedic ward. People who need to re-learn how to use their limbs right after recovery from an accident need the assistance of an occupational therapist. Some OTs are assigned to different patients in one ward. Other OTs are deployed as home-care providers, but still under the hospital’s management.

Finally, traveling OTs are usually those that travel to different destinations just so they can perform their jobs freelance. Usually, freelance OTs are the highest paid ones because they can choose which clients to take. However, because they are working as self-employed OTs, they need to complete every qualification test that is required by the state they are currently residing in.