Occupational Therapy Assistant Essentials

The medical field is an ocean, if you want to have a career in medical field you don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse. There are many other options like occupational therapy, Occupational Therapy Assistant, aides and so many others. Some situation in our life like old age, injury or illness makes us disabled and we are not able to do our daily routines. We need some help for recovering from the injury and in doing our day to day work. When an Occupational Therapist helps us to do some exercises these Occupational Therapy Assistant’s help both Occupational Therapist and our needs.

The basic need to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant is that we must have the intention to help the needy, tolerance and we must be physically fit since the job demands long hours of standing, lifting patients and other heavy work. As many of us think Occupational Therapy Assistants and aides are not the same. The difference between the Occupational Therapy Assistant and an Aide is that to be an Assistant we have to complete a two year degree with clinical experience whereas to be an Aide we need only a high school diploma. They are not the skilled staff members of hospitals, but are trained in the hospitals or clinics.

The duty of an Occupational Therapist is to give rehabilitation services to the physically disabled to cope up with their emotional, mental conditions and recovering their physical fitness. The Occupational Therapy Assistant’s duty is to assist the Occupational Therapist in his rehabilitation services.  Occupational Therapy Assistant assists the patients in activities like training them in stretching the muscles of their hand for moving from bed to a wheel chair. They will see to it that the exercises and other programs planned for their recovery is carried out properly and help the patient for doing such things and motivate them. The Occupational Therapy Assistant also records the patient’s   treatment improvement for bringing it to the notice of the Therapist. The Occupational Therapist may change the course of treatment according to the record’s report. The Occupational Therapy Assistant also prepares the patient’s health insurance provider billing documents.

To take a career as Occupational Therapy Assistant you must get an associate degree from a recognized educational institute. In the first year the syllabus is introduction to medical terminology, healthcare, Physiology, Anatomy and natural science. In the second year the course is in the skills and techniques of Occupational Therapy in various areas like mental health, pediatrics, geriatrics and adult physical disabilities. Before graduation they will become aware of all the specific therapy techniques for all types of patients and they must also undergo 16 weeks of internship before completion of graduation. They must also get a license to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant. The rules for getting a license vary according to the state’s rules.

The Occupational Therapy Assistant’s job opportunities are bright and good. Their only competitor is Occupational Therapy Aides. In the year 2008 the average annual income of the Occupational Therapy Assistant was approximately $48,230 and there is no harm in choosing an Occupational Therapy Assistant role as your career.